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Well. It's been a long time since I posted anything here. I have been eaten by many things, including RP, Homestuck, and, most lately, Doctor Who.

I hope to get up another couple of those lovely little fandom posts I'd like to do, possibly about one of the above, given how fresh in my mind they are just now.

I even had a dream about Doctor Who last night. I think Nine was in it. Despite the fact that he was only around for one season, I really like Nine. Granted, I like Ten too, of course. But...it's nice to watch through some of the episodes again with Nine, since I'm going to watch them again with the hubby, who hasn't seen most of them yet.

Okay, time to go take a walk in a salt marsh I guess! I hope it will be exciting and I won't get eaten alive or bore everyone with my constant talking about Doctor Who. XD;

I feel like writing an entry

But I'm not sure what to write about.

I'm really not. Gogo useless entry, I suppose...

Um...geez. I feel really, super lazy right now and have no idea why. Go me. >> <<

Guess I should get back to drawing. Do something productive before it's suddenly time for game night and oh, where did the afternoon go?

We're nearly out of milk. This makes me sad as there won't be time for a trip to the store until tomorrow.

I guess that's all. I should make another one of those fandom posts. Maybe about either Dresden Files or How To Train Your Dragon. Such an excellent movie.


....that's a new one.

I was trying to get out of my apartment so fast that I managed to somehow bend my key in the lock while locking the door.

...just, wow. Wow.


Fun fact:


Really, though. Said another way, I'm not a mind reader, but I play one in RP. (LOLOLOL. *cough* )

Anyway, the point is...I'm sorry, but if you contact me on DA with this message: "long time no talk to hun! (had to change accounts after a scuffle with my ex =3)"

...how am I supposed to know who you are? DX You have a new username, you have no deviations in your gallery, and, if as you said, we haven't talked in a while...seriously. Not a mind reader, here. I wish I knew exactly who you were just from those few sentences...but I really don't. Here's hoping my reply doesn't offend you into not responding, mystery person. ._. (That said, I have the niggling of a tiny hunch who it MIGHT be...MAYBE. But we were never that close so I'm not sure she'd call me 'hun'. I have a second guess, too...or it could be someone else I'm not thinking of.)

In other news...there was another little spill mishap today. Sigh. Picard was chasing around after a fly or something and knocked over a full glass of apple cider all over my desk pretty much JUST when I'd sat down to eat lunch. An entire pile of papers of various degrees of importance got nuked. Er. Slimed? Whatever.

I love him, but sometimes I wish Picard would behave himself a bit better. Between him and Beverly, I'll be lucky to have any drawings left that don't look like they'd been through some sort of major natural disaster. (She has a habit lately of chewing on papers. No idea why.)

I know I promised to talk about Plants vs. Zombies but. Uh. XD;; It's fun. Though right now I think I played it a bit too much and need to do other things for a bit. >>;

EDIT: RE: The DA mystery person. Heyyyy, what do you know...my first guess was correct. LOL. Thought it might be her. XD;;

EDIT2: I spelled edit wrong. Good job, self.


Well. In regards to the last entry, they finally opened the group...but they said this time it's not even first come first serve. AND it wasn't until nearly 3 pm. Would have been nice to know either of those before I lost sleep over it. I won't know if I got in for another few days at least, I guess. Well...possibly tomorrow, but so far, they've been very badly organized this round.

Other than that...I might soon have...well, not exactly a job...but something job-like again. A volunteer position. I'm hoping getting out of the house more regularly and having something productive to do with more of my time that isn't a self-motivated thing will help my mood. It's been really up and down a lot.

A lot more down than I'd like, but that's life I guess. ._.

Doesn't help that I look at things that I -know- will make me upset. But somehow I naively hope things are gonna change and the things that upset me will be fixed. Silly me.

I know I really have nothing to be upset about. I have a wonderful husband, two lovvey cats, a roof over my head, plenty to eat. I should be content.

Blech. Another time when I'm not feeling so down and out, I'll talk about the game that's been sucking up way too much of my time lately.


Okay. So. Group on DA I really want to try and join. Supposedly applications will be opened today. Last time it was open as soon as the date switched over in the time zone the leader of the group was in. Which is..4 am my time. Being the insane person I am, I set my alarm for 3:40 am. Got up. Waited up for over an hour. But it didn't open. =_=

Now? They're still not open, which means I got almost no sleep for no reason. Argh.

In other, better news...at least I was very creatively productive yesterday? Maybe I will be again today...assuming I'm not too tired...

EDIT: two obvious mistakes in a very short journal entry. This bodes well. DX

Cooking (mis)adventures

...in hindsight? I should have known "self-rising flour" was not the same thing as regular flour. =_= Oh well. At least the resulting pretending-to-be-peach-cobbler is still edible, though sweet enough to make my teeth hurt.

Also..I put up a bunch of new icons! Some from that great new community I joined!...

That has...mysteriously vanished. Um. Okay.

The Good, the Bad, and...not much else

Well. Since it's late and I'm tired, I'm just going to ramble at LJ in list format. Yes. About...my life. I know, I know, I don't post nearly enough here that's actually interesting. I hope to get to that. In my defense, I don't like posting creative things in more than one place for some reason. Most stuff either gets posted at DA or SoD.

The Good:
I have (re)discovered Wrock (or Wizard Rock). I know, I am very, very late to this particular game, but hey, aren't I usually? It's kind of awesome and I need to hear more of it.

I've been semi productive! Go go drawing fingers~ Greased lightning~ (No, I dunno, either.)

Things are better. What things, you ask? Just...things.

The weather has been getting cooler! XD Yayyyy. It was way too hot of a summer, and I didn't even have to be out in it as much as the last two.

I have a bunch of really, super cute new icons from a new icon community I joined!...that I need to actually...change out some of my current set for. And I will. Eventually.

My husband is awesome and managed to get my tablet to work again after an unfortunate series of events involving two wild cats, a shaky desk, and a full mug of hot chocolate.

The Bad:
Insomnia has been kicking my butt hard. For nearly two weeks, nearly every night. And I have no clue why. At all.

...I hate drama. Especially drama that results from a misunderstanding blown waaaaay out of proportion. Ugh. I cried. A lot.

I still don't have a job. And...it's fully and solidly my own stupid fault. Because I still haven't submitted a single application yet despite whining about it at every opportunity (mostly to myself in my head. Yes I am that lame.)

I am really tired so that's all I'm going to say for now. Uhhh...sorry for rambling and all. XD Peace out guys!

EDIT: Forgot two of the bad things. I knew there were more than that! >_>

First...I lost my iPod cable! And I have no idea where it could possibly be! Ahhhhhh...

And second...I...completely forget again. o.o *mumbles about needing sleep and slinks off*

Otakon and other things

WELP, I wanted to post an entry about Otakon...ohh. A whole lot sooner than this, lol. But despite being very NOT busy, life has FELT busy. Or something.

Anyway, it was really awesome fun, I bought FAR too many random things, saw lots of people and had a really great time for the most part. But I just wanted to sort of...list off some of the things that stick out the most to me.

- CHOCOLATE. Or, uh, Kari made everyone truffles! They were so, so good and I'm sad that they're all long gone by now. >_>

- As usual, there were fun cosplay pictures! This year, though, I was actually in cosplay! XD As Eldryia. It was a costume that got thrown together so last minute, it's practically a miracle it worked as well as it did. I have an entirely new respect for her now, to carry around such an annoying ball-and-chain attached to her ankle! O_o

- We played a really, really fun game of apples to apples as our characters...XD;; While Nako drew our characters...stripping. LOL. Of, course, for whatever reason, what stuck out to me the most about that was...this quote. (paraphrased, forgive me!)

Nat: Oh, yeah, Gaston would definitely bend over! ^_^ ...*worried look* What, exactly, are we talking about?

I have no idea why but...it just...for some reason remembering that never fails to make me smile, haha. But many laughs were had and it was a great game all around.

- Watching Nako and Xenon brutally tear apart crabs! It was actually very interesting to watch. And so messy! Crab parts and juices everywhere AHHHH!

- Getting to meet Tessa, the creator of Hanna is Not a Boy's Name! Even if I had to stand in line for like an hour to do so. And Uny was a real sweetie and lent me a bit of money so I could actually get a sketch! >_>

- Chocolatea. That place was amazing. Their hot chocolate was just...the best I've ever had, truly.

Really, it was just great getting to hang out with everyone, and it was over far, far too quickly! D:

Dear Beverly

I'm giving you a new nickname: Ponyo!

Because you love ham so much! In all seriousness, please don't steal ham off my sandwiches. I was planning to eat that, you know. Yes, I know that the hubby likes to give you little bits of it...but that doesn't mean you can just take it! >_>

Much love,
You Mommy

((...well, I MEANT to post this in note_to_cat. I...fail. LOL oh well.))